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At Glenn Advisory I provide comprehensive tax and accounting services and my pricing model reflects the nature of my relationship with my clients.  Instead of billing by the hour or per project like other CPA firms do, I charge a single monthly price to cover all of your tax and accounting needs for the year.


I believe this pricing model provides several benefits to my clients –


  • Guaranteed price
  • No surprise bills or feeling nickeled and dimed
  • The meter isn’t running when you interact with us
  • Easier on your cash flow by spreading it out over the year

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this work in practice from year to year?

A: The agreement runs from February 1 – January 31.  In January of each year I send out a proposed agreement to each client that lists the services for the year and the monthly price.

Q: How does it work if I come on as a client during the year?

A: We can either do a short-year agreement that covers through the end of the year or a longer first-year agreement that covers the remainder of the year and all of the next year.

Q: What if I change my mind?  Can I cancel the agreement?

A: You can cancel at any time with certain conditions, which are –


  • You must pay at least half of the total agreement
  • A schedule of services is included with each agreement that details which services you’re entitled to if you end the agreement early

Q: Do I get a discount for paying up front?

A: No, I do not offer a discount for paying up front.

Q: How do I make the monthly payment?

A: The agreement includes a bank transfer authorization form that allows us to withdraw the money from your bank account automatically every month.

Q: What if I want additional services that aren’t included in the agreement?

A: We can modify the existing agreement to include the additional services for a new monthly price.


I work with doctors all over the country.  Let’s talk and see how I can help.