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At Legacy Integrated we provide all services on a subscription basis.  Instead of billing by the hour or per project like other CPA firms do, we charge a single monthly fee to cover all of your tax and accounting needs for the year. We believe this pricing model provides several benefits to you –

Guaranteed set price - affordable and manageable.

No surprise bills or feeling nickeled and dimed.

The meter isn’t running when you interact with me.

Easier on your cash flow by spreading it out over the year.

Monthly Pricing

  • Base Subscription

  • S-Corporation, Partnership, or C-Corporation (each)

  • Bookkeeping


Base Subscription

A base subscription is the minimum service level to be a client of Glenn Advisory and includes the following –


  • Strategic Tax Plan
  • Preparation and filing of your individual tax return
  • Tax projections during the year
  • Year-round access to get your questions answered
  • Tax audit representation
  • Tax notice response

The base subscription price may be quoted higher if there is additional complexity in your tax situation, such as –


  • Filing in multiple states
  • Multiple rental properties
  • Foreign account report (FBAR)
  • Numerous K-1s received

Monthly Pricing Examples

1099 Contractor with an S-corporation

Base Subscription: $250

S-corporation Filing: $75

Total: $325

1099 Contractor filing as a sole proprietor

Base Subscription: $250

Total: $250

Practice Owner

Base Subscription: $250

S-corporation: $75

Partnership for Office: $75

Bookkeeping: $150

Total: $550

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this work in practice from year to year?

A: The subscription runs from February 1 – January 31.  In January of each year I send out a renewal to each client that lists the proposed services and monthly price for the upcoming year.

Q: How does it work if I come on as a client during the year?

A: The first subscription will be longer than a year so that your first renewal will fall in January.

Q: What if I change my mind?  Can I cancel the subscription?

A: Each subscription will have a minimum number of months.  After that you are free to cancel but you are not entitled to services or a refund after cancelling.

Q: How do I make the monthly payment?

A: The agreement includes a bank transfer authorization form that allows us to withdraw the money from your bank account automatically every month.

Q: What if I want or need additional services that aren’t included in the subscription?

A: We can complete a Change Order to modify the price of the existing subscription and include the additional service.